Kiev’s ‘3rnd’

Published on November 2nd, 2011

the Orange County quintet of singer-guitarist Robert Brinkerhoff, keyboardists Alex Wright and Andy Stavas (who also wields a sax), drummer Brandon Corn and bassist Derek Poulsen incorporate 3D visuals into their live show, and their new three-song EP “Be Gone Dull Cage & Others” lays out some fat grooves and insisting you come along on their journey. In this, their 2nd EP, Kiev has all the other-worldly qualities that Radiohead gives us, but keeps a root in the ground.

“Be Gone Dull” totals 20 minutes from just 3 new tracks, and was recorded with producer Darrell Thorp, who brought a new dimension to the sound while still allowing them to experiment and find their own sound.

Until a full album comes out, enjoy the jams, DOWNLOAD 3RND and watch the trippy performance below.


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